1. Bethel Board of Supervisors

    This page lists the duties, responsibilites and other importmant information regarding the chief governing body of the municipality.

  2. Board of Auditors

    Review the functions of the Auditors Office.

  3. Boards & Commissions

    View meeting information and other pertinent details relating to Bethel Township's boards and commissions.

  4. Building & Code Office

    Learn about work requiring permits in Bethel Township.

  5. Fire Department

    Access details about the area's fire marshal, emergency medical services, and local fire company.

  6. Health

    Health and Food inspection

  7. Parks & Recreation

    Find area parks and recreational opportunities.

  8. Planning Commission

    Access meeting information and previous agendas and minutes for the commission.

  9. Police Department

    Report suspicious activity, and review the responsibilities of the township's Police Department.

  10. Public Works

    Review the current refuse collection schedule, rates, and regulations for Bethel Township.

  11. Sewer Authority

    Report a sewer problem in the township, and review functions of the Sewer Authority.

  12. Stormwater Management

    List description of storm water management and accompanying contact information with important FAQ's.

  13. Tax Collector

    Find information on current tax rates, filing deadlines, and how to make payments on taxes in Bethel Township.

  14. Township Office

    View details about the township secretary, engineer, and treasurer.

  15. Zoning Office

    Find information related to zoning issues.